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basket_10-16Right now, we’re focusing on baskets for newborns.* Finding out that your newborn child is diagnosed with Down syndrome can be one of the scariest things. Many parents feel fear, anger, shock, guilt, overwhelmed, confused, and are left with asking “why me?” We know this from experience! Our baskets are meant to welcome new families to the Down syndrome community. We want them to know that they are not alone, and that there is a strong community of support waiting to help. Each of our baskets contain a personal touch with at least one item that is special to our son Spencer.

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We donate baskets to families in Louisiana that receive the news that their child has Down syndrome. We give baskets to a social worker or other contact within hospitals, who then offers them to the family.

We will also deliver baskets by word of mouth. Some families do not receive the diagnosis until they have departed the hospital, and we certainly do not want to leave them out. If you know someone who has recently received the news that their child has Down syndrome, please contact us.

*our baskets are sponsored by Entergy

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