Paige Faucheux has been named the first Self Advocate for Upside Downs

Paige Faucheux has been named the first Self Advocate for Upside Downs.

Upside Downs is a local non-profit organization with the goal of promoting the positive
aspects or “Upside” of Down syndrome. Faucheux was born with Down syndrome and is
a living example of the organization’s motto that “anything is possible with Down

Faucheux is from Lutcher, Louisiana, and is currently enrolled in the Bridge to
Independence program at Nicholls State University. This program offers students with
intellectual disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder the opportunity to have the full
college experience. For Faucheux, the Bridge program was a dream come true. She
dreamed of having the opportunity to go to college like her older brother and the program
made that dream a reality.

Faucheux said being asked to be the Self Advocate is an honor because the opportunity to
raise awareness about her accomplishments and all of the things that she is able to do is
something she has worked for her entire life. She is ready to help the organization in any
way she can in order to show that anything is possible with Down syndrome.

“Paige is an inspiration to us all,” said Brooks. “She is a student at Nicholls State
University, she lives independently on campus, she has her drivers license, she is an
outstanding tennis player and a true joy to be around. We look forward to working with
Paige and having her show our community the “Upside” of Down syndrome.”

As Self Advocate, Faucheux had the opportunity to travel to Sacramento, Calif. in July
for the National Down Syndrome Congress convention.

“It was really cool. Me and my parents went to Sacramento, California and we got to
meet the whole Born This Way cast,” Faucheux said.

She also had the opportunity to meet new people and begin making contacts across the
country by handing out her business cards at the convention. Faucheux also participated
in various workshops and dances hosted at the convention.

Faucheux’s attendance at the NDSC convention was just the first of many plans that
Upside Downs has for her.

“Our board of directors thought this was a key component missing in our organization,
and I couldn’t agree more,” said Beau Brooks, President of Upside Downs. “Paige will
bring a new perspective to our organization, one coming from an individual with Down